Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Baptism and the Other Side of Heaven‏

Well if you have ever thought that I have been serious about writing really fast I'm about to write really fast, I hope that I can get as much of this in that I can. I'll try what I can do. Well this has been interesting, if you can't tell about the title this is going to be an interesting e-mail.

Well the week started out kind of weird, Tuesday morning we went to go see the Podiatrist. It stared out normal and apparently I not only had one wart on foot but about 6 clustered together. So he gave me options and I picked to just have him cut it out. I wanted the immediate fix. He took the needle and numbed it up. He stared cutting and then said "oh there's one I didn't see", the needle hurt a lot by the way, then he stuck me about 5 more times with the needle to numb it up even more, it's amazing ho sensitive your feet are. He then dug in there and cut. He got it out and there was now a big gaping hole in the bottom of my heel. He wrapped it up. I couldn't feel much because of the anesthetic. We went home and put my foot off and kicked of my shoe and Elder Hill said "Oh nasty!", I couldn't see from my angle so he took a picture and a few more which I have provided for your viewing. It's pretty fun I guess. I get to fill it with Neosporin 3 times a day. Went in for a check up yesterday and he said that it's looking good and should stop bleeding some time next week.

Rest of the week went pretty good. I conducted an exchange in Heber, things aren't super great there right now but they did set 3 baptism dates and the senior couple in Young said they're getting close with someone too. I may just get to go see the roaring mountain town of Young. Later in the week we taught two new investigators named Rene and Tiffany, they are really prepared but need some work before they get baptized. We have about 7 baptismal dates right now. They are all set for March, It's really exciting but a little weird to start planning baptisms for April when I won't be here! Ah! On the 5th we have Amanda and Ethan Tippits getting baptized for sure and possibly Mario, not sure when his going to be quite yet.

Saturday was amazing, I loved it. We had Renata's baptism and it was pretty much one of the most spiritual baptisms of my mission. It was snowing and we were worried because like 10 minutes til when she was suppose to get baptized no one was there, I know about Mormon standard time but this was pushing it! It's a baptism! We had a good turnout, the talks went well. The person who was supposed to baptize her was coming out of Heber and was caught in the storm but he made it about 10 after. She is just so happy, it's amazing to see her just get happier and happier. She's due for her 3rd child in about a month and a half.

Church attendance was pretty good but yesterday was one of the hardest days of my mission, it seemed like everything was going wrong. I was just ready to end the day but we kept going. Prayed a lot last night to pull through, I haven't had a hard day like yesterday in a long time. Well we both survived transfers, Elder Hill will be finishing me off. It's weird... last transfer here we go. Remember P-day on Monday from now on! Love you bye!

Love, Elder Caywood

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