Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Calling‏

Well this won't be a long email, unfortunately because I have been giggling like a school girl with the other Elders, and then realized that I only had about 30 minutes left of emails which I quickly began to write. So once again go Elder Caywood! How exciting.

Well as you can see I titled the email new calling. This weekend as I was going about my Saturday night visits we got a call from the mission office. I thought I was going to throw up when I saw the number. I began to tremble and I answered the phone and heard President on the other side. He asked how my day had gone and humbly told him it could of been better because almost all our lessons had cancelled sadly. He then explained the purpose of the call. Since our current district leader was going home on Tuesday, he asked me to take his place as district leader of the O'Odham district. I still can't pronounce it but I accepted the call to serve. Now things will be fun as I get to help other missionaries, attend more meetings (ugh), and interview people for baptism (so sweet!).

The area is going well. We currently have 4 people with a baptism date with more on the way. I'm hoping before I leave here to have about 6 people baptized. I think we can do it because miracles are on the horizon. And of course if I try my best I'll get a hand from the Lord. Yay! The wards seemed really excited that I'm staying here. I think it's cool to see how much they care about missionary work and I feel that we are on the verge of something extraordinary. You can feel the excitement everywhere. I'm ecstatic and thrilled to be here one more transfer and hope I can make a difference to the people I serve here. I just hope I can do everything I can to bring everyone closer to the Lord.

Well that's enough ranting for one morning.......until next Tuesday!

Love, Elder Caywood

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