Monday, September 13, 2010

The Return of Humdinger‏

Well Humdinger is back but now the unlock panel works. I had mixed feelings as I went to pick him up. This all unfolded and I will explain it in the follwing paragraph. I do hope I have time to finish this before my time expires.

I found out Sunday Night that I was actually suposed to be transfered and that by some miracles President forgot. Yes he forgot, he had written down that I was supposed to be trasnfered for over two weeks. He asked if he thought I could continue to ride my bike and I said I could. Well my head is still on fire anytime I get sweaty. This became an increasing problem that would stop me from working my heart and soul out. So I called Sister Ellsworth who told me to call the doctor. So I did, and he said no more bike for the rest of missionary service(super lame!) So then I call Sister Ellsworth and tell her the dreadful news. A couple hours later I recieved a call from President who informed me that I'd either be getting a car or getting emergency transferred and that he would call that night. I expected the worst. The call came and He said the Lord really wants you in that area. So they gave me a car again. So President told me make it count. *gulp* Should be fun!!!

We have seen many miracles lately. It's been way awesome. We set another baptism date this week and now have 5. We have pushed quite a few back but we do have one coming up on the 25th. That's going to be awesome. Her name is Darlene. A lot of big changes have come in the mission and what I'm about to say is one of them. We are no longer allowed to email anyone but family. We can still recieve emails from everyone and read them but we cannot respond. For everyone else I now have to write letters thought you'd like the heads up.

Love, ELder Caywood

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