Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Week of Awesomeness‏

Well I'm honestly not sure where I should even start. It has been an excellent week. It really has. We were able to participate in 5 wonderful baptisms here on Saturday. I'll talk a little bit about them in a bit. We also had our interviews with President. We know what will be happening in the area but who will be a part of it we don't know. It is frightening to me to see how fast this is truly going now. One of the Elders in our district, Elder Maxwell is going on Tuesday(that is a week from today oh my gosh!) I came up here with him and he still had 6 months left and now he is leaving. Its amazing how fast time truly does go by here. I love my mission, if it were my choice I would love to be an Elder forever but since that is not the case, I must make the best of what I have been given over the next year. I just hope I do.

Besides that random lamenting lets get started! This weekend we had 5 baptisms! YAHHOOOOO!!!! The first one was Saturday night at 5:30 for Cindy, Will, and Anna. They all live with a recent convert of about 7 months now. She began taking them to church and they got interested in being baptized. We began the lessons about a month ago. Cindy went down from smoking a pack a day to nothing in the past 3 weeks. It ha been an incredible transformation. They are all learning and in tune to the Spirit, Will taps into it very easily, he's awesome. I had the privilege of baptizing Anna and confirming Will a member of the church. I remembered my own confirmation when that happened. To be honest at the time I didn't know what a confirmation was or the that I needed to do it. But it is such a cool experience. We also baptized to sisters who are Apaches. There names are Shania and Tewana, they are the adopted daughters of a recent convert of 6 months. When we taught the 1st lesson it was one of the most spiritual lessons ever. The Spirit flows so easily through that home! We were late to their baptism which is why you don't see any pictures of them wearing white. It was such a good weekend!

Friday we had interviews and car inspections. The vehicle coordinator decided not to show which frustrated me a little because we spent a lot of time on our car for nothing. The night before Elders Robertson, Bickmore, and Fairbank silly stringed me to death which was funny. They got me good. President said he could tell me one thing. I'll put it in our words Elder Caywood says "So President where will I be this transfer what will happen?" President got a smile on his face and said" I can only tell you one thing Elder Caywood you will either stay or you will go" I'll know Saturday what will happen for sure.

Well I better go have an awesome week, and we'll see what happens at transfers. Laterz

Love, Elder Caywood

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