Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Adventures of Elders Caywood and Bickmore‏

Ahoy! It's been a rather normal week for us and the "f" button on this keyboard sticks and that is going to drive me nuts. Argh. But besides that I'm doing relatively good. I ran a mile this morning and I ran a mile a few days ago too. I hate to say it but I hate running on tracks. It takes time to get there and time to get back and time is something that you really don't have much of as a missionary unfortunately. I really like treadmills and I've only had one close to me once in my mission.

So this week was way good. We hit 140 street contacts again we had to work for it though(we got 49 on Friday which was impressive for quaint Snowflake). Sunday night we had a missionary movie night for the area. We were showing on the Lord's Errand which is about President Monson's life. It was really cool but we didn't have as many people as we liked. It was maybe 40 or 50 people. When we showed the "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" in February we had over 110 people show it was crowded and it was incredible. Were showing that again in May and In June we are doing to show "Finding Faith in Christ" and then give a church tour of the Main Street Chapel which is over 100 years old. That'll be cool. I doubt I'll be here for it(some things have to roll in my favor to stay here). Transfers are on the 4th of May and I think the only way they'll let me stay is if some interesting changes happen. We'll see.

On Thursday we went on an exchange. Elder Robertson took Elder Fairbank(Elder Bickmore's greenie, he's only been out a month I believe) to Snowflake to evaluate him. Which meant it was time for Caywood and Bickmore to take over Heber. We started the morning in a little place called Aripine where we taught a lesson and found a few people. We found this caved in cabin and an old broken down 70's van. It was way tight. We set the street contact record in Heber, we had 35 in one day which has never happened before. One of them was a drunk guy who was really really really drunk, he told us some interesting things about the stars and went on his way, so weird. We had a way good lesson with a guy that night as well. He has had a concern for a long time and the Heber Elders couldn't figure it out. Elder Bickmore finally got it out(he is amazing at finding people's concerns) and then I addressed it(Eh I don't have any talents but hey let the Spirit guide). Elder Bickmore and I talked a lot, we've been around each other 7 of the 9 transfers on our mission. We work well together and it sure be neat to be his companion.

I've seen miracles in the past couple days. Sunday night we needed just 6 more contacts for 140. We couldn't find anyone and then I stopped and said Elder Robertson say a prayer. Then in the last 10 minutes of our night we found some it was awesome. Yesterday was even cooler. Our dinners happen at 5 and are generally a hour. Our dinner was only 20 minutes because out host had to be somewhere. So we decided to spend the next 30 minutes or so taking care of things around the house. I then got a call from Apache Junction. It was a recent convert who I have been desperately trying to get a hold of(she stopped going to church after I had left). We talked about some of the things happening in her life and I had her read me a scripture that has helped me out a lot. Then she told me about conference and what she got out of it. She read her notes from conference and then I told her the time is now to come back to church. Don't wait God is in the present and then I told her she needs it and that her circumstances would improve if she did. I wrote her 3 page letter this morning after praying on how I could help her. The Spirit brought 3 things to mind and I wrote it down and sealed it with my testimony. Had dinner not been just 20 minutes I would not have been able to take that call and know what was happening. God works in mysterious ways.

Well I don't have a lot more to say. Its been way good over in Snowflake even though my time is short. This weekend we are having 5 baptisms! Woo hoo. I'll take pictures and tell you how it goes and who all is getting baptized but until then Laterz.

Love, Elder Caywood

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