Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The ditch

Hurrah! I'm getting my pooch, my stomach looking so good(not). I haven't been able to excercise for like 2 weeks. So all my progress for the past 3 months or so have been a failure to launch ouch. In fact I was looking at myself in the mirror just yelling "you monster, whens the last time you did a sit up!? Can you even still do a sit up? I doubt it." I laughed realized that I was not only talking to myself but also mocking myself so I hung my head in shame put on my deoderant and went on with my life. Now you know how my brain works? Its something...*awkward cough*

Besides starting my email like some kind of moron it has been a relatively good week. We only managed to get 112 TTI's but we're looking to improve we just need one of those big days where we get like 40! We've been struggling to get 20 a day as of late. The wind has really kept a lot of people indoors. But it is ok. All of our baptism dates are still set for the 24th. 2 are certain and the other 3 were going to see tomorrow night. I saw one today and she said that she quit smoking on Saturday so she should be good to go. Its been complete will power for her, I'm so excited. But the 24th should be rocking.

We had an amazing zone conference on Friday. President Bassett talked quite a bit about conference and it was really spiritual. Then we had a cool training by Elder Stewart. Sister Bassett gave my favorite lesson of the day. She started talking about listening to our investigators. She talked about the two things I struggle with the most in my teaching skills. One is what I will say during a street contact and also asking good questions. She said the solution is to listen. This has upped my ability as a missionary like 10 fold (at least thats what it feels like). Its certainly been amazing to apply it and even take it a step further not only listening to our investigators but also to what the spirit is telling you.

We had Elder Young for us for a little bit (He is our new Assistant and was my trainer during training blitz early last May) we went to a recent convert's house who after being baptized stopped going to church. Elder Young made an amazing lesson on agency and how the choices we make are either good or evil, leading to eternal life or captivity. He painted the picture beautifully and she agreed to come back to church. It was a great day and right after that we had a great lesson with a family who is struggling. I shared a scripture out of John with them and with my eyes tearing up I told them "Be of good cheer I have overcome the World" and not to lose their faith and to look to the Savior. It was one of the most powerful moments on my mission.

The last little tid bit of information I'd like to leave you is this. On Thursday we found out that we would be recieving a 2009 Chevy Colorado in place of our '08 one. We were thrilled. Later that day we were driving down a narrow dirt path when a car came down the road towards us. They were there first so I backed up and went into a cement ditch. In a stupor we went out to assess the damage. The car's wheel was in the ditch and it was resting on the axel and the bumper. I stayed remarkably calm during all of this (Suprising) and called the vehicle coordinator who told us to call Hatch Motors to pull us out. They did and miraculously no harm done! I got pictures though so that you can scoff, chuckle, and point your finger at the screen.

I hope you are all having an amazing week and keep on keeping on! Peace out

Love, Elder Caywood

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