Tuesday, November 3, 2009


THUNDERCATS HOOOOO!!! Does anyone remember that well they should because it was awesome from time to time. It's me. Elder Caywood. Writing in the first person. Hopefully not the 3rd because I think thats prideful and quite frankly a little weird. I have to say I have been having a great time let me explain why.

This week has beem great. We had two Halloween parties and combined this week I have eaten 9 bowls of Chili and 8 hot dogs. WHy yes I'm disgusted with myself too but yet I'm sitting at a comfortable 205 and my pants still fit so I'm good. I told you buying clothes a little too bug wasn't crazy mom! I just can't get too much heavier. Everyone of my companions has had at least 30 lbs on me which is crazy. That makes me feel kind of better. Halloween was uneventful as you could imagine not a lot of people were too thrilled to see us but we pressed on.

We got our investigator with a baptism date to come to church for the Oasis Verde ward. Its exciting when people come(especially since when people don't come it just makes the 8am to 5pm every Sunday just that much longer ugh). That was exciting and she loved it. I see her and mom getting along great she is amazing! She's being baptized on the 14th. Its going to be tight.

I have a little spiel(Spelling?) to make. Cats are quickly becoming my enemy. Since the death of Kitty Scghee last December(Bless her little cat soul) I have been away from cat dander for the first time in about 10 years give or take. I have discovered on my mission that I'm really really really allergic to them. I hate teaching people with cats. My eyes swell up and turn red and I can't breathe for like 2 hours or more. Its dumb. Gosh. Its frustrating!

Now for some good news. We had interviews yesterday. President Bassett and I had a quick talk. He was concerned about my health and wanted to do the best I could to take care of everything. I'm going to the doctor today I hope my condition does not worsen. We have a member who has been dealing with it too and thinks that they may put me on an IV for a little bit like what she's doing. We'll see today. Anyways President Bassett congratulated me on turning the area around and was very proud of what Elder Edmonds and I had done. Thats the first time since North Phoenix he has complimented me like that.

I'm still in shock that the Idaho Vandals are 7-2. Is that really possible? I was talking to Elder Davenport who goes to BYUI too. We know each other distantly in there. He comes home 4 and a half months before I do. We're talking about doing ridiculous music numbers up at college. Except for he's actually talented. We played volleyball today and I did really well. I had an insane block it was cool.

Well I'm off Peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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