Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The bitter cold‏

I spent my summer in the valley. The most populated place in Arizona. For a good portion of it I was on a bike. It averaged between 115 to 120 degrees everyday for about 3 and half months and stayed around 100 for just under 6. And just when it began to cool down bam. I get sent to the cold. For real? It was 20 DEGREES last night at 7... Man. Jeez. Bleh.

Oh well I'll talk more about that later. I'll talk about last week a bit more. It was a weird feeling all week. I had heard that I could be gone but I wasn'y 100% sure. I really enjoyed that area and had gotten close to several people. And I felt that if I did leave the area that I left in a better condition than when I found it. But that doesn't mean I wanted to leave. Most of the week was spent getting ready for Sister Valenti's baptism.

Now that was an awesome experience. Meeting with her has been one of the highlights of my mission thus far. She is one of the funniest and nicest people you'll ever meet. And she loves to talk and I love to talk so we get along great. We had our last lesson on Tuesday night and Wednesday night she had her baptismal interview. After she had left our district leader said she had a stronger testimony and appreciation of the gospel than most members do. I believe thats true too. She's really awesome.

SO we got everything ready for Saturday. I was going to be the one baptizing and Elder Edmonds would confirm her on Sunday. The service was probably an average size attendance wise but the spirit so storng. We got to the point where it was time. She was nervous so I promised her everything would be alright and said a quick prayer together. We walked to the font and were on both sides before they opened the doors. She looked over and said she was really nervous. I smiled and said I was too but for a different reason. The water was a little lower than I had hoped and she was going to have to go really low to get all the way under. It didn't work the first time but the 2nd time it was all good.

Maybe 5 minutes after the baptism someone asked me if I knew whether or not I was leaving. I told them I wasn't sure but then Elder Edmonds got a call from Elder Bickmore he said I might be going to Snowflake. To be honest I wish I had found out after the baptism because that kind of changed the mood of everything which I didn't particulary enjoy.

Sunday was a day full of farewells and it was long and emotional. We started at 6:30 and ended at 5 in the afternoon. I got to say a few words in each ward which was nice and I appreciate the Bishops for allowing me the oppurtunity to do that. In our middle ward I got emotional. My two baptisms were in that ward and I had worked closely with that ward and was sad to see it come to an end. I braced myself and broke down as I spoke but I held myself together long enough to say what I needed to.

Monday was just a day of goodbyes. I said goodbye to several people we met with for a long time. We had Papa Kelseys for a lunch which actually made me sick for the rest of the day so we went over to Bishop Roberts I couldn't eat any dinner because something was happening in my stomach. It was unfortunate because the food rocked Bishop made ribs, and potatoes, and sweet carrots. They even had cake and ice cream but I was so out of it but they gave me some medicine and I felt better the rest of the night.

We went to Dairy Queen for the last time as a district and then I finished packing everything up. I had a lot of stuff. I don't remember coming with that much stuff leaving Scottsdale in July. I said my farewells to the several missionaries at the mission office. Unfortunately the Zone Leaders forgot me so I had to squeeze in with the Taylor Elders. It was the longest drive ever... Like 3 hours. I am now in the nether regions of the mission where I will be quickly forgotten by everyone.

Last night we had another baptism I just kind of walked into that one bahahaha. My companions are Elder Moa and Elder Hadley. Elder Moa is tongan but from Oakland I believe and Elder Hadley is from Portland. Its weird that we're in a trio but there is a reason I guess. Well this email has been long enough. But I just want to note there are no stores in Snowflake none!!! Not even Walmart. We have to shop at Bashas and everything is so overpriced. It makes me want to jump into pile snow and then get tossed into a bonfire. Ugh. Laterz

Love, Elder K-Wood

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