Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Elder Bickmore meets the Bickmores‏

So I've had a different week. The only two differences was a special exchange with Elder Bickmore and a member of the Quorum of the Seventy(Elder Evans) came down for Stake COnference. Making for one only 3 hours of church this week instead of the regular 10 and two an awesome and memorable experience I will not soon forget.

Well shall we move forward? Last week went well. We are now staying consistently above 10 lessons a week which has not happen since spring of last year. We now have 3 dates for baptism. One this weekend and two on the 28th. We have truly been working hard. I was asked Sunday night what I believed was making our area improve. We didn't talk to as many people last week and I knew the obvious answer was people talked to. I ponder the question, and said people talked to. I then told our district leader though we are not seeing any success from it(everyone our investigators except for one has been from referrals) I told him I believe the Lord is blessing us because we are willing to do it. Yesterday because I felt bad I almost talked to as many people as we talked to all of last week. Missionary work is so flippin' weird I don't get it just happens for some reason.

We set another baptism date with a 10 year old who goes to church and not a lot of people knew he was never baptized. He's cool and knows quite a bit already. The other one for the 28th is inching along. The one for this weekend is moving fast. All she needs is her last lesson and an interview tomorrow and she will be set to go! Its been tough the past week or two for her but she possesses some of the greatest faith I have ever seen. I'm excited for Saturday.

The member of the seventy(just as Christ called them in the New Testament) came this weekend. He gave some of the most spiritual experiences. And to our suprise for the Saturday night session our mission president was there. Elder Evans began to give him counsel during his talk. He said that we can chase after people and be over bearing because its weird. He also said enough of this random reading for investigator hoopla. He said start at the beginning and the way he explained it was incredible. He said everything you need is right here. He said verse 4 of the first chapter of the book is the first time the Savior is mentioned then he said can you make it to verse 4. HE then kept picking apart the first part of the book and would ask that is on page 4 can you make it to page 4? It was one of the most incredible explanations I had ever heard. Elder Bickmore asked President Bassett after "should we do that President?" President Bassett with his famous smile said "Well what do you think Elder?" I take that as a yes and believe things will now change in this mission because of it.

Title of my email is mainly with my dealings yesterday. For those of you who are not familiar with Elder Bickmore he has been one of my best pals on my mission. We came out together in April. We were both sent to the same district in North Phoenix. I saw him a lot there. We got transfer news in July he got his early and informed us he was going to AJ I was sad about that. To my suprise when transfer news came again I was being transfered to AJ too once again in the same district. So besides my companions I have not seen any other Elder as much as Elder Bickmore.

Now back to the story. The Bickmores established the Bickmores in the 1800's thus meaning Elder Bickmore had never met another Bickmore he was not directly related to. Until I came into the picture! I found a family named the Bickmores in one of the wards I cover. We set up a special exchange for Elder Bickmore to have dinner with the Bickmores. We determined that they were related through Great Grandparents(Believing that their Great Grandpas were brothers). We're still waiting for the genealogy to come in.

Well I've had a good week. Transfer news on Saturday night and Transfers on Tuesday. We'll see if I'll get the AJ stake for Christmas. Peace out.

Love, Elder K-Wood

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