Monday, March 7, 2011

The Flu (again) and a Baptism‏

Well... Thus the countdown begins... I think I have less than a month left. It feels quite surreal and I'm not sure how else I could describe it. I can tell you one thing though, is I know that it doesn't feel real at all. Though it feels like the doom of my missionary mantle being stripped from me seems to linger in the minds of missionaries and members all around me, still I'm having trouble coming to grips with it. With that being said I imagine that this will probably bite me in the butt when it happens. I can't believe it's March already. Although there are many things going on and all sorts of random things being thrown at us, it still looks like an amazing month is on our horizon! I feel good about March and finishing strong.

Monday last week was P-day, it a good day generally but not last week. After emails,shopping, and whatever else we do... I felt terrible I don't know why but I just felt like crap. It seemed like it was really hot even though it was pretty decent in our apartment. I tried to take a shower to cool off and after I did that it became apparent what was wrong. From about 5 to 6:30 I was bowing down to the porcelain throne located in our bathroom. It was bad timing seeing as we had a packed night. We worked some things out so that I could vegetate at a member's house while Elder Hill when out on splits with a member. Tuesday was similar and I think I slept for like 14 hours and I felt like I could sleep for about 14 more hours. I stayed at a members house again and watched old conference talks for like 6 hours. The next day I felt better and when out and we taught a lot of people. I told the members I had the flu and they still insisted that we eat everything on the table. It was Mexican food and late that night I was in the same boat I had been a few days before. But this time no more sitting inside I was going to work. I feel much better now and I'm back to full health(after an awesome blessing and lots of prayers on my part and by others)

The week missionary work wise went really well. Despite being sick and quite a few cancelled appointments we still managed to teach about 13 lessons(which is a lot for the sleepy town of Taylor). I'm not sure when the next baptism is going to be. Ethan Tippits' family just needs to pick a date and do it because he is ready. Mario needs to just pick a date, he's coordinating for family to come and be there so I think it should be within the month for that one as well. We have a few people set for April right now. We need to get them a little more committed than they are at this time. Ethan Decker is scheduled to be baptized on the 26th of this month. We had District Leader Orientation on Thursday as we do every month and a half. It's amazing to see how much the mission has evolved since I came out. I think I understand why sometimes members don't really understand what a mission is like now even if they have been on one themselves.

The winds have started here in Taylor. I think this may be the only town on earth that has tumble weeds year round. This coming week we are having stake conference. Elder Quentin L. Cook of the quorum of the 12 apostles is coming to conference this weekend. I'm excited for this! I think that he is going to inspire the people here! Also our mission president is coming to speak!

The highlight of the week was on Saturday Amanda got baptized. It was a simple yet awesome service! She was so ready! She converted from being Jewish to Mormon how awesome is that! She bore her testimony at church yesterday because it was fast Sunday. She is so awesome, as is her entire family. When they go through the temple next year I'll be there! All that I can think to type has been typed! Peace out cub scout!

Love you bye
Love with love,
Elder Caywood

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