Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break‏

I'm going to be pretty honest it was a relatively challenging week for us. I'll start out and tell you why. As the title of the email states it's Spring Break and since nobody wants to stay in Taylor everybody is leaving and it's been pretty hard to meet with people and such. But the major thing that's been pulling on a lot of us is something that happened last Monday. Last Monday the Elder's Quorum President in the Taylor 4th ward committed suicide. It's been really hard on the ward and a lot of people in town. He was young and a father. It was kind of hard to believe and it's been hard for us to think about missionary work when this has been going on. We went to the funeral this morning, it was a wonderful service and we learned a lot about him and why he did it. I'm grateful we went. It made me think of the scripture "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down His life for His friends", that scripture is the Savior referencing Himself as the One who will sacrifice himself for all man kind. I've seen the power of that sacrifice manifest this week as the hands that hang helplessly down, are lifted up by Him. I know He lives and that He can strengthen us.

Anyways moving on, this week we did see some pretty cool things. We reset Mario's baptism date for the 1st of April and we're going to pump him up for that date. He's ready he just needs to do it. I'm excited for him. Wednesday was hard and pretty much all our lessons fell through except for Amanda we watched a movie about the temple and they are good to go. So awesome! I had an asthma attack during the lesson though and it was hard. Thursday went better and we taught quite it bit and I had a standard Irish dinner Corn Beef and cabbage! Yum... We taught the Tippets and that went well, he should be baptized in a month or so.

Friday went surprisingly well and we found some sweet potential investigators and such. We taught Jennifer she had called us before the lesson and asked us when she could be baptized. Not such a bad thing? Loving it! We talked and she will be baptized and Tuesday the 29th at 7:30 pm. Yahoo! Lots of our investigators have been out of town but we still managed to teach about 13 lessons this week.

Saturday we taught Robert O'Field again he is Cherokee Indian and he's just getting better and better. He's a good guy and sincerely wants to learn which I love. We got him to finally say the prayer to finish up our meeting. It's amazing how hard it is to get people to pray. But then I think of when I was at BYUI and they would ask me to pray before class, I wouldn't do it. *sigh* How times have changed. Anyways enough reminiscing. We didn't have a good turn out at church, stupid spring break. The last lesson we taught was Fabiola and I taught her when I was here last year. We laid down the law and finally got her concern out. Her excuse was her mom wouldn't let her get baptized until she was 18. We asked some questions and got this response "My mom doesn't want me to join unless she sees that I'm really committed." Finally! It's been a year! It took a year for that response! Yahoo! But now we know. We committed her to show us, her friends, her family, and the Lord if she really wanted this. It was so cool!

This week we are having a baptism for Ethan Decker on Saturday, at 10 AM. Should be great! I'm excited! Also it's going to be my last Sunday at church because of conference. I'm really freaking out! This is so crazy! Also I'm turning 21 on Sunday! Party!? Partay! Par-tay! Woot.

Well that's it


Elder Caywood

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