Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Haha, December?‏

A few weeks ago it may have been slightly easier to convince me that it was indeed December. After Thanksgiving it wasn't getting about 50 degrees and I swore it was below freezing in the evening which led to my prompt buying of my fashionable SWEATERVEST OW OW!!! For a mere 3 dollars at the Mesa Thrift Store yahoo! Being cheap. Nevertheless yesterday it was about 80 degrees and was way hot, I couldn't believe the temperature outside. It was amazing how sweaty I was(you may be thinking well didn't you just do 120 degrees a mere 4 months ago?) to that I say true but still it's December and come on 80 degrees.

Admittedly it's hard to imagine Christmas is only a week and a half away. I have had trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit this year, I think part of it is due to the fact that no day is different than any other day we have so it's hard to imagine this holiday barreling towards us at a high speed. Another factor is the heat which was not a factor last year in the winter wonderland of Snowflake! Many other things have contributed to this but last night I really got into it. We finally on Wednesday and Thursday of this week moved into our permanent housing. The family we live with is sweet and last night for their family night they put a small Christmas Tree up in our room. It really brought the Spirit into our room and it was sweet because finally the thought or I guess the song crossed my mind "It's starting to look a lot like Christmas"

As for teaching this week it has been a little hard. When things were beginning to perk up for our area it seemed that everything in the world was thrown against us. We lost 3 baptism dates this past week. 2 to probation and one guy just got cold feet. A kid we're teaching had bit of cold feet as well and was pushed back to January. It was hard to be honest but I know that we can still make it. Despite it all we still managed to teach about 13 investigator lessons. We are relying a lot on the ward to help us out and share the gospel with others.

I feel sudden urgency to teach Elder Tanner as much as I can, I don't know why but in my gut I feel I'm leaving this transfer and he needs to be ready to potentially take over the area. He's awesome but timid and shy, kind of still in the wide eyed greenie daze. I need to work harder and I plan to. I really do. We're going to see miracles and I know it.

There's a lot of potential coming up for the next few weeks, we've had the opportunity to be at the lights at the Temple a few evenings this week. It's weird to see a family from one of my old areas walking around and looking at the lights. I got to have the miracle of sending missionaries to a couple who are looking for a church, that night I ended up teaching the the 1st lesson and invited them to continue learning, it was exciting for me and I know the Lord is preparing people of the same understanding and desire in our area.

Saturday we had to go to the hospital, we planned to teach a family, a single mother and her 8 children with one more on the way. When we arrived at the member's home and found all the kids their but the single mother and her youngest daughter were absent. We asked the family what had happened and they told us that Josefa had taken her daughter to the urgent care for an infection in her eye and a high fever. We were informed while we were there that it had become severe and that her and the baby were now in the ER. We had talked about possibly giving a blessing to the child but now we knew we had to. We called the Mission President and asked permission to leave the Mission Boundaries to go to the hospital we thought they were at. He let us go and we drove over with the member to the hospital in Tempe. Initially we couldn't find them and we were worried that they had gone to a different hospital. We were relieved when we turned the corner to see her holding the poor child in her arms. She looked pretty miserable(the baby was so spunky and happy it was hard to see her in that condition) we found a quiet room and gave the baby a blessing. I felt so good after that, I knew it would be alright. We're going to follow up when we can, but I believe it all worked out.

Well pretty much I'm out of things to say, thanks for the update on Justin I know he's going to be solid and awesome missionary, stick to your guns keep the faith and it always works out.

Love, Elder Caywood

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