Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cay... Hood?‏

Well this has certainly been an interesting week. SO different from my beloved little Snowflake and Taylor. I miss that place and cannot wait for the time when I can go back and see it. That'll be a lot of fun. But as the old saying I learned goes "God lives in the present" as do I so I focus on what I am doing now and fondly remember the past.

Upon further study of the area and talking with my companion, it seems that this area is a little slower than it has been in the past. We only have about 2 investigators right now. We baptized a couple on Saturday at probably one of the most spectacular(and that probably an understatement)baptisms I have ever attended. It was close to 2 hours long. The talks were incredible and the people that referred these people from East Mesa are the Bawdens. Which may be a familiar name to the music lovers of the LDS church. The pianist's name is Clyde Bawden who is arguably the most renown musician for the church(Besides David Archuleta of course *cough*) he is known for both Reflections of Christ and several of his own solo work. Yeah he referred and played at the baptisms it was tight. No joke my jaw was on the floor. He's also the most humble guy ever. It was incredible. Kind of makes you want to be a musician(the same feeling that you feel after watching August Rush the first time). The couple's name is the Babbs and they are incredible. They study the scriptures every morning for a hour and they have a strong testimony of the gospel. I don't know them well but being part of their baptisms have provided me with some of the most spiritual experiences I've had on my mission.

Now back to the area. Not a whole lot happened last transfer and Elder Henderson was obviously down about that. So Tuesday night and Wednesday combined we talked to 104 people. That was fun. Elder Henderson saw that I'm willing to help out and do all I can and now he's trying a little more too. It's hard though but I think we can do it. We found a lady who we began teaching last week and after we taught her the Restoration of the gospel she said "you know I stopped going to other churches because they were always changing but what you're saying is that the Lord's church was lost and that everyone only had pieces now God has done what he always had and has called a prophet to act in his name, it makes perfect sense" my jaw dropped, its amazing when you can teach so clearly that they can explain it back to you just like that wow. She is reading and praying, she loves the Book of Mormon. We're going to set a baptism date with her for our next lesson. Woot!

The biggest difference I've noticed since being down here is the city life. Lots of suburbs and ghetto. The people are very different, there weren't rude people in Snowflake(even the ones that hated us weren't rude) here is a different story. I just don't take it anymore if they want to fight I let them, they can fight with themselves because if they won't open their heart a smidge then you get ANGERYEYEYY Caywood. Grrrr. Its amazing to be back in the "hood" again, nothing like that in Snowflake. I handle myself surprising well and know how to talk to people pretty well. All and all I say this will be a growing experience. Hahaha we'll see how this goes peace out.

Love, Elder Caywood

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