Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rule 42‏

Welcome to B-mail bahahaaha. Thats actually not all that funny. Anyways whats up family? Its been awfully of nice of you guys to send me letters everyday. But of course thats easy when they're free to send. Here's my thoughts on what you've sent me. Jay Cutler is an immature child who will break the hearts of every Bears fan. He's like the quarterback white version of T.O. Stupid baby. The Broncos will crush the throat of the competition. American Idol seems... Exciting? I don't really know. North Korea launched a missle over JAPAN ASUFDIUWAHDAUIH**^@%@?????? Crazy. I told Sarah that the car charger wouldn't work but since when am I right?

The MTC has been simply AWESOME! I love it but I can't wait to get out of here. I had the opportunity to go the temple for this first time since I've gotten here. It was also the first time I've left the MTC since leaving. The outside world is nice oh so nice. LOVE IT. The food is very two faced it can be great and well not so great. Lets just say that if you have any... problems coming into the MTC the orange juice will clean you out. Literally in everyway. Mayfield was a hairy beast! It was nuts but it was cool. I've learned more than I ever thought I could in a week. Its been really cool but I'm looking forward to next week when I check out and head to the oven that is Arizona. General Conference threw everything out of whack this weekend so we've been in a bit of a funk since we came. I've spent a lot of time at the Referral center which is the place where all the calls go for the church. So if you call to get a free Book of Mormon or DVD (or whatever else we give out) you get to talk to missionaries at the MTC. I got to talk to a guy about the church in New Orleans. He told me about the joys of getting high. Thats so nice.

My companion is from Utah and is the first person I met here who can sing better than me. We harmonize and sing everywhere and its pretty much hilarious. I've been terribly sick this week so I haven't been able sing at all terrible (lousy british accent)! My other roomates are Elder Gilbert and Elder Morgan from Idaho Falls and Spokane. Its really weird I've met people I've known before here. 3 guys from college. And oddly enough the guy I roomed with at EFY crazy eh? This whole 30 minutes to write thing is kind of ticking me off. Especially since I had to set up an account so that went into my time. Theres this timer on the right corner of the screen just taunting me. Grrr.

I've memorized the first lesson and have taught a couple times. I try to use the scriptures as much as I can when I teach. I'm getting quite good at that but I have to remember to adjust to meet the people's needs. Its strange I keep thinking I see people I know here. Like occasionally I do as I mentioned above but for example. I swear Tuesday I saw Justin LeBaron. I had to look a few times. Then yesterday I swear I saw Christina, kind of random but true! Like mirror images...

It seems you gave everyone my address or some kind of variation of it. The most correct one to use and to give out to people is the one I sent you in my last letter. At least while I'm here. I can't believe I sent you guys Kalab's letter. I wonder if I put one of yours in his envelope. Cause I put something in there, hmmm I'm attentive. Oh the title of this message is rule 42. That is because rule 42 in the missionary handbook is not to chew gum in public. Crazy eh? Well I'm running out of time slowly but surely so I better wrap this up. Keep the letters coming from everyone! Nothing delights me more than seeing that old mailbox filled! Plus people have some interesting things to say! :D P-days are on Thursdays. I love you all! My email I believe is

Pretty sure thats the right one if not just edit this really quick. Alright peace out everyone.

love, Elder Caywood

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