Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st Letter Home

Airport Goodbye......

Dear Family,

So arrived safely. The flight was boring and I fell asleep. Salt Lake was less than stellar conditions. We actually went the wrong way. Jenny's grandma was there and so was Casey. Robert really wanted to come, but couldnt' miss the lab. Mayfield and Martin were good. Mayfield is very hairy. But he's good. I checked in and I have my name tag, which is certainly neat. We watched the video and just as advertised, it ended and the tears began to stream. I find it interesting, well just this place in general. It's really cool, just bizarre.

I'm all moved in for the most part. I do keep losing things though. My suitcase exploded (the big one with front pocket). Luckily, everything is accounted for. Stuff I keep losing is things they give me. I must just not pay attention. My companion's name is Elder Paiz. He's a good guy. He's from Utah and actually knows several people here. I live with two other missionaries too. We're all english speaking and going to Mesa. The whole companion this is going to take some getting use to. It's pretty hard, but I haven't seen anything I can't do yet. Still, I have a few things I'm doing tonight. I haven't decided whether I'll like it here yet. There has been ups and downs, but th real adventure starts tomorrow. That's when we get into our schedule. This is still a little wierd to me, it's happened so fast.

I do know this, I can't wait to get to Arizona. Sure, this is kind of neat, but Arizon is where I want to be.

I have a few e-mails I want you to add to the list. I'll get them to you when I can.

My mailing address is:

Elder Brandon Aaron Caywood
MTC Mailbox #186
A2-MESA 0421
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

My estimated departure date is April 21st.

That's about all I have.


Elder Caywood

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