Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Transfer news came in and I'm getting moved... I"M GOING BACK UP NORTH TO SNOWFLAKE AND TAYLOR TO FINISH MY MISSION OH MY G-OSSHHHHH!!!! Can you believe that? I'm not going to be in the same area but I will be bordering it. This time around I will be only in Taylor. It was so shocking and my jaw about hit the floor when the news came in. This means many things. One of which means my bike is probably coming home this week. It's so crazy I'm a little bummed because I won't get to see the valley again until they put me in chains and give me my plane ticket home but on the bright side the land northward calls! It was crazy but I know it's where I'm suppose to be.

On the other side we had the best teaching week in my mission. We had 19 member present investigator lessons, one of the leading totals in the mission. We have 6 people right now set up to be baptized on the 22nd and plenty of more on the way. It's really amazing to see how much this area has exploded with work. Talking with the stake president apparently President Ellsworth was only going to leave me here for 2 transfers to see if I could get the area going even more. We have seen so many miracles, many people baptized, the area split, and wards that are excited about missionary work. He told me that he wants me to do that up in Taylor again. I've helped out a lot of areas in my mission but it's been all through the Lord, as a missionary all I have to do is get up, go to work, and follow the Spirit. You'd be amazed at what happens when you just do it.

Today we have a lot of things planned that we need to do. This morning I got to go to the Mesa Temple for the last time as a full time missionary, I got permission from President to go twice this transfer so that I could go. It was a sweet experience even though we went to the 5:30 AM session.

As excited as I am to go back up north I'm really sad to be leaving this area. I really figured that I'd finish my mission here, and if I didn't finish my mission here the last thing I ever would of thought would be my return to the land northward. I love the people, I've been in this area since early May '10, actually since I left Snowflake and Taylor the first time. I will have spent 18 months of my mission in these two immediate areas, Snowflake/Taylor and West Mesa. It's weird but visiting will be easy in the future(Coming back in May yahoo!!)

Elder Tanner will be getting Elder Henderson as his new companion, if you remember Elder Henderson was who I was with when I came down here. There's so many people I love, many of which in my opinion in just a short time have become life long friends and I will visit here often(some people want me to live here but we will see). I am though, looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me up for that one last hurrah up north. I'd love to write to you more about the people we taught and the miracles we saw. I'll just let you know that there were a lot. I love them. They are in good hands and I know that. Well I'm such shock(still) that I really have nothing more to say, love you bye!

Love, Elder Caywood

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  1. Hey Elder Caywood! I ran into your Dad today at church. He mentioned how he has started to go to the Stetson Hills Ward with your sister. Wow! That was such great news! I hope your sister gets into BYUI. Finish Strong good brother. The people in Snowflake/Taylor need you. Keep working hard. Make each moment count. Sam Perez should get his mission call this week!

    Brother Pollary