Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fulfilling Week‏

Well this may be a little shorter because I've been dinking around for the past hour talking with Elders and day dreaming and all that jazz, yet I seem to start every email like this and yet write a ton, so we're going to do it. Are you pumped!? Woot woot? Yeah yeah!? Well I got to say it has been hard up here. We're still trying to find new people to teach which can be a challenge but we have found a few new investigators and have now set 7 baptism dates which is more than last week's one.

It's really really funny and a little strange being up here again, I decided it's bitter sweet because it's really great to see everyone I used to know in the area I used to serve in but I can't really go and see them they have to see me like shopping and stuff like that. That part can be hard because I really do love this area up here. But I know that I'm supposed to help the Taylor area I'm assigned to and I'm already beginning to see miracles from being up here again.

On Thursday we went on an exchange with one of the assistants, that was a blast! I love going on exchanges with them it's so much fun! Some missionaries don't like it or get scared or intimidated when they are there but I just think it's a blast. We had a good time that day and were able to set another baptism date. We have now set one date a day for the past 6 days, it has been incredible! I cannot believe the miracles we are beginning to see.

Friday was our interview with President and we had a great time, we talked a lot about the area and he told me why he put me up here and what is expected of me before I do go home(AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!). It's exciting times up here in the wonderful land of Taylor. I'll share a funny story. It took us about a hour to clean our truck. There was about 5 inches of mud in our wheel well and if I had my camera battery I would have taken a picture to show you. Our vehicle inspections were on Friday as well. So I thought that I'd be a good boy and clean the engine to make it shine. So I got up early took a shower and put on my shirt and Pac-Man pajama pants!(oh yeah) Then I got to work. As I was putting the Armor-All on the disgusting engine something began to happen which got me quite frustrated... It began to freeze! The stupid stuff would freeze on contact it was ridiculous! I've learned to control my temper on my mission which I'm grateful for so I walked away after turning the car on to heat it up. Luckily with a bucket of hot soapy water we were able to get most of the job done.

I wanted to let you know about a few of the people we are teaching. One of them is named Amanda, she has been Jewish, most of her life. She decided to talk with one of the members of our church and was going to attempt to save him from Christianity. After sitting down with him and talking she couldn't even remember what she was going to use to challenge him, she was just so shocked but what he had to say and then she really began to feel it. She said it took a lot of effort to accept Christ but she managed to do it and is finding peace. It amazes me when we taught her for the first time this week how easily she feels the Spirit and recognizes it. It's how she confirms truth and it's really really cool and I'm looking forward to continuing to teach her. Another person we are teaching is a woman named Renata and she is Navajo. She met with missionaries before but it never really went anywhere. A few things have changed in her life and she has been coming to church consistently and participating. We taught her Sunday night and asked her if she felt this is right. She did but I could tell that she was feeling something or there was a concern .I watched her as my companion continued to teach. There was a pause meaning it was probably my turn to begin talking but instead I asked "What are you thinking what's going through your mind right now?" She voiced a few concerns and then we testified of what God wanted her to do and how having the Holy Ghost could be a great blessing for her. We set a date for the 12th of February for her baptism, she needs to check with her doctor to see if she can because she is pretty pregnant, but I'm grateful for the experience.

Many more miracles will happen here but we just got to have faith, we aren't the greatest missionaries ever but we can do our best as we follow God's will.

Love you bye.

Love with Love,

Elder Caywood

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